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  • Warlocks, more broken...

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    Warlocks, more broken...

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    Okay so lets try to figure out how the system calculates "pdamage"


    Inside of SpellAuras.cpp, there's "void Aura::PeriodicTick(){}" @ line 4487(is this a function btw ?).
    Within lies a big switch sentence, with the following head: "switch (m_modifier.m_auraname)".
    In "case SPELL_AURA_PERIODIC_DAMAGE_PERCENT: ", we can amongst many "if"-s fall into the code snippet
    I've posted in my previous reply. Now help me understand how pdamage comes to play. At the very beginning of
    "case SPELL_AURA_PERIODIC_DAMAGE_PERCENT:" we can quickly locate this interesting lines of code:

    I have no idea what so ever what m_modifier is nor whence it came from. All I know that m_modifier.m_amount
    is an int32 type variable, since here(SpellAuras.cpp starting @ line 759)

    an object of SpellModifier type is created?(I don't know what structs are,and SpellModifier appears to be just that. Since it has something that looks like a series of overloading constructors one of them being:

    and thus resembles a structure of a regular class, I have concluded that "m_modifier.m_amount" is a 32 bit integer).

    So 1. - it would be nice to have somebody explaining how to modify "pdamage", since it is clearly calculated incorrectly.
    2. - pdamage for Curse of Agony should represent 1/12 of the total damage done by this DoT. And it does with reference to my previous replies.
    But since I have no idea how Mangos gets the pdamage value that piece of information is I think crucial in order to fix this spell. It is also quite clear that IF(and that is a big if at this time) mangos treats pdamage as 1 / 12 of total CoA DoT damage, it doesn't apply bonus damage from Improved Curse of Agony to total Curse of Agony damage, the way we think it should.

    I've once again written a whole book and solved absolutely nothing... Aw well.


    uint32 amount = m_modifier.m_amount > 0 ? m_modifier.m_amount : 0;
    uint32 pdamage;
    if (m_modifier.m_auraname == SPELL_AURA_PERIODIC_DAMAGE)
    pdamage = amount;
    pdamage = uint32(target->GetMaxHealth() * amount / 100);
    m_spellmod = new SpellModifier(
    SpellModType(m_modifier.m_auraname), // SpellModType value == spell aura types
    // prevent expire spell mods with (charges > 0 && m_stackAmount > 1)
    // all this spell expected expire not at use but at spell proc event check
    GetSpellProto()->StackAmount > 1 ? 0 : GetHolder()->GetAuraCharges());
    SpellModifier(SpellModOp _op, SpellModType _type, int32 _value, Aura const* aura, int16 _charges = 0); 

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