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Hello all,

This is something I have been thinking about for a while now while watching the private server scene. The development side of private servers has been hit fairly hard. Trinitycore is going strong and is heavily developing Wrath cores, and Cmangos also seems to have their focus on Wrath and to a lesser extent, TBC (classic build has been failing). Why don't we focus only on the development of the classic core? Classic cores are in high demand, and nobody is focusing on the development of them. Why spread out resources so far when we could perfect one thing at a time?

It doesn't even need to be the classic core. We could also focus on whatever everybody could compromise on. Just a thought given how fragmented the scene is lately.

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Hello Akar,

It's a very good question and a legitimate one as well. I would reply you that this is historical:

- Every single behavior of the game has been "discovered" through the years.

- TC, cmangos & Mangos do have the same codebase.

- Mangos & cmangos zero and one are based on Mangostwo (code/content cleanup has been made).

Classic/zero got a lot of attention and is indeed in high demand. I think that this version still has, today, the most attention. Zero, one and two are "playable", the others are more in an Alpha state.

We have several tracks on-going already with one objective: One core to run them all. The idea is that we refactor the codebase (like TC did but not only) and use only the part that are relevant for the expansion you want to run. In that objective, it doesn't make much sense to "focus on classic" or not, since everything should be made available with the same codebase.

In the same idea, it should ease the character transfer or the core updates.

At the end, don't forget that we are like passionnate people who are all giving their free-time into this only because they love WoW or only one of its expansions. As well, we are "newcomers" for most of us and have a lot to learn and discover before we could do major updates and that these updates takes a lot of time. (E.g. I'm now working on the ZERO database since several months to understand everything and revamp it).


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Following on from what Tal said above. Everyone at mangos works on it in their free time and around real life events.

There are some which believe Zero (Classic) should be completed before attempting any work to the other cores, there are also others which believe we should drop all the older cores and concentrate on the latest. The reality is somewhere between both those extremes.

I personally prefer to work smarter rather than a blinkered core specific point of view as was done here previous (and continues to be done elsewhere).
My role as 'Guardian of mangos' requires me to look after all aspects and code bases of mangos.

Some of the changes we have brought in over the last 3 years have helped us dramatically, i.e. The redesign of various aspects of the code so that the code becomes multi-core compatible is a big one.
When you consider that Realmd, The data Extractors, Eluna and ScriptDev3 are all multicore compatible and all cores share the same code - This makes the process of applying fixes across the cores very easy.
As well as that a lot of the code has now been standardised between the cores making it much easier to delve into any of the cores and still understand what is going on.

Another big aspect of what we're doing is documenting what we know and what we find out, with the Zero Wiki docs leading the way - thankfully, due to the standardisation - A lot of the information is also valid for the other cores.

We still have a lot of work to do and it's not something that can be easily done overnight.

I am passionate about the mangos project (otherwise I wouldn't be here) and I will continue to help those who wish to improve mangos as much as I can.


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Thank you both for the excellent replies. In all, I am very interested in the development of the cores in general. I just wasn't aware of some of the moves that had been made and what direction those moves were intended to go in. It is excellent to hear that the idea behind the cores is to make them standardized so that they can support whatever gets laid out over them. I'm looking forward to the steep learning curve and helping out where I can, then. Admittedly, the last time I installed or used MaNGOS was...somewhere pre-2011 I think. So it is great to see the project still alive and well.

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