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Cannot find mangos extract tools?



Having a bit of trouble with my first build.   I  attempted to follow the ./getmangos.sh pathway to build and after I realized I needed to manually pull down the two MangosTwo git repos myself, due to a head issue(?) I thought I was on my way.  I am ready to run the buildtools but the README states copy mmap-generator but there is no mmap-generator, I assume its movemap-generator?

Also te istructuions stateto

Copy the created map tools to the [World of Warcraft][1] installation directory, namely the tools named:

 `map-extractor`  `vmap-extractor`  `mmap-generator`

Then copy `ExtractResources.sh`, `MoveMapGen.sh` and `offmesh.txt` into the client installation directory.

Isn't the WOW installation directory the same as the client installation directory?


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