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[Solved] Vmaps and mmaps generation problem



Alright I got two strange issues here.


- Zero v 21, installed on debian

- maps extracted on windows, with tools taken from Zero's Windows distribution .zip


1) ExtractResources.sh apparently works ok.  Output says that all the various dbc, map, vmap and mmap files are (supposed to be) generated. YET, at the end, mmap folder appears EMPTY.


MMAP generation is reported as correctly done, but the whole process takes seconds, not "hours". Ok I have a fast system but I suspect there is something really wrong here :)



2) MMAPS are optional, so while looking for a solution to 1 I copied all the other maps (dbc, map, vmap) to server, but upon launch mangosd covers me with red errors about vmaps

such as: 

2017-05-21 13:59:52 ERROR:StaticMapTree::LoadMapTile() could not acquire WorldModel pointer for '36febbd0cdc5eb76300cca8279dab18e-westfallfence.m2'!
2017-05-21 13:59:52 ERROR:VMapManager2: could not load '/home/mangos/zero/data/./vmaps/36febbd0cdc5eb76300cca8279dab18e-westfallfenceend.m2.vmo'!



Any idea on what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!





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do you get the same problem with the tools you build yourself ?

As should be stated in the readme with the zip, we don't generally support them as it's hard to ascertain which version you have, plus they are normally very out of date compared to the live code.

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A-ha, now THAT could be the issue then

Yes, I'm trying to use the "ready-made" tools which I found inside the precompiled .zip file.

One the debian server, though, I have the full environment, including the tools dir, freshly built.

I'll try using that, I just have to install some sort of "screen" infrastructure serverside first, or the process will die out when ssh disconnects.

Thanks for input ! :)

[EDIT]  Process set up and currently ongoing, server side. Now it *is* creating the mmaps, slower than Tooga in Tanaris. After I'll bulk-copy them all fresh versions into the data/ folders I'll retry and report :)




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