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How to configuring build using appveyor


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    guys.I am not not good at computer programm,and not good at English too.

   But i played wow since europen open test,and play emulator since teampython,wowd,wowemulator,and of course mangos.

  This week i found many daily compiled emulator repack at appveyor.

 That's really a good place,i can download many compiled server.

 And i tried to add my projects,and git OregonCore,SkyFire.548,ArkCORE-NG,elysium-project / server,azerothcore / azerothcore-wotlk,AscEmu / AscEmu.

 But i failed.

and i tried to build mangoszero,and i failed too.

if anyone can share me the right file of    appveyor.yml ,maybe i can follow it . then maybe i can build other projects too.

thank u very much 


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