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Enchant item with a gm/console command



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I believe you can enchant things in trade.
If so, then that means that you could ingame ask the player to trade with you and place the item to the enchant slot in trade.
Then you use a item scroll like these on the item

"entry"    "name"
"22020"    "QAEnchant Weapon +15 Agility"
"22042"    "QAEnchant Cloak -2% Threat"
"29839"    "QAEnchant Weapon Mongoose"
"29840"    "QAEnchant Weapon Soulfrost"
"29842"    "QAEnchant Weapon +40 Spell Damage"
"29852"    "QAEnchant Boots +9 Stamina & +8% Speed"
"29856"    "QAEnchant Boots +12 Agility"
"29857"    "QAEnchant Boots +12 Stamina"
"29860"    "QAEnchant Cloak +12 Agility"
"29861"    "QAEnchant Cloak +20 Spell Penetration"
"29863"    "QAEnchant Gloves +20 Spell Damage"
"29872"    "QAEnchant Chest +6 Stats"
"29874"    "QAEnchant Chest +150 Health"
"30193"    "QAEnchant Ring +12 Spell Damage"
"30197"    "QAEnchant Ring +4 Stats"
"31843"    "QAEnchant Bracer +24 Attack Power"
"31845"    "QAEnchant Bracer +15 Spell Damage"
"31849"    "QAEnchant Bracer +12 Strength"
"33315"    "QAEnchant Weapon Executioner"
"17882"    "QAEnchant Chest +100 Health"
"17887"    "QAEnchant 2H Weapon +9 Damage"
"22023"    "QAEnchant Weapon +20 Spirit"
"22024"    "QAEnchant Weapon Unholy"
"22584"    "QAEnchant Cloak +3 Agility"
"29841"    "QAEnchant Weapon Sunfire"
"29871"    "QAEnchant Chest +15 Spirit"


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1 hour ago, iltuocapo said:

Those are "spells". How do I actually "cast" them?
We are in Vanilla, no such thing as vellums had been invented yet

What I listed are items. However since I have not used tbc and vanilla servers I cannot tell if they are on those patch DBs, but usually I have found them in wotlk DBs.

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