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Flying in the old world for mangos one?



Hi all I am currently using Mangos One server and was looking to find a way to enable Flying in the old kingdom. I know it has to be possible somewhere because if i GM command teleport while on my flying mount in out lands to any location in the old world i can fly around. However if I dismount at all i can no longer remount. Any suggestions?

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well its a easy thing to do.


i dont know if you need a simple lua sript or if you just can add it to an item.


the way are that you add like a flying mout spell to a ring or something so when the player equip it it will summon a flying mount.

i saw this on arcemu for many year ago. so i know its do able. or you can make a simple script that make so play use item they summon a flying mount.


sorry i cant help you in scriping i wanting to learn if for 8 years now and awwwwwwwwww. but maybe someone can help you it should be not be so hard to pull of,

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