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Missing submodules in serverfour

shiva omizu


I have tried repeatedly to use Easybuild on serverFour. Still does not include the tool in the win directory but was given it to copy over. However, every time I check using the tool it says under Required sub modules at the bottom, it is missing Deps, Eluna, Unified Extractio0n Tools.  All of the software has installed without errors, including the 2008 distributable which I added for another program. This is a new build pc using Win 7 64-bit ultimate. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Please bare in mind that mangosFour is an early alpha due to lack of interest by anyone wanting to work on it.

You can get to the character selection screen at best, but no further

MangosThree currently has a 'hiccup' preventing a clean build which we're hoping to fix soon.

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