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Hello guys, may someone modify world chat for me?
Now it is something like: [World Chat] [Name] [Text] But GMs don't have Admin tag and VIP don't have VIP Tag

may someone modify world chat for me?I don't need icon, i want it with text something like:
For GM: [World Chat][Admin][Name][Text]
For VIP: [World Chat][VIP][Name][Text]

[INFO]: I am using MangosOne and this is the script for now: https://github.com/CoronaCore/LuaScripts/blob/master/lua_scripts/custom/world_chat.lua

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i think you can just get a lua scrip for it i did have one before... but its more like # text. but it did work. and the gm and vip stuff are really easy to see just delete those lines in the script and it done:)


but sorry i dont think i have it anymore and the site where i get it from a down so removed it for no reason what so ever maybe they did not want to do emu stuff anymore. it was better then AC-web for they get a lua section but ooo well.


if you are looking to get a more offical chat like /trade and so on. then you can look on google for a way to modify the /officer chat and make it so it can be run in the world. i have not done this before but it should be guides. be mindful that most guides are from trinitycore and not mangos so you need to think alittle and most code are diffrent really nowdays when they changed so much.


sorry that i cant be of alot of help, but maybe i gave you some no insperation.- 

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