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Finished linux installaion, whats next?



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On 7/18/2017 at 2:19 AM, Talendrys said:

Start the processes and make sure they are started. Did you create an account ?


the process was up and running.

i didnt import database (which i dont know how to)

i didnt create account (i dont know how to do this either)

any link or hint?

thanks in advance

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This wiki page is about client configuring.

It must be the command description page somewhere, but I miss it now. Anyway, you could read (most of) it in this SQL source file in a bit non-user-friendly form. I doubt the list from "help" command will really help. To create an account, "account create" is the needed command. If you have a running server, you have its console with mangos> prompt. Type in your commands there. Many commands are available only from within the game (client) though.

To check you're doing things right, you could use "server info" command.

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