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I have a problem with Grumbo's Complete VIP System


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Hi there.
 I'm using Grumbo's VIP Complete system. Could you help me with the world channel, please?
 When I reload the script with .reload eluna and an error is coming..
- ...na-Grumboz_VIP_System-Complete-master/VIP_world_chat.lua:47: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)

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On a quick look and a guess I would say the script is not supporting using reload.
The issue likely is that on login hook is used to load or setup some data. On login however does not trigger when reload is used and reloading will scrap already loaded data.

The fix is not to reload or make it so that for example the actions done on login are done to all players that are online when the script is run.
Look into VIP_1_Core file.

Also you may want to tell about this to the author of the code / the place or thread where you got the code.

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First, I'd like to remind that I haven't contact with the author and it's a script which is made by Grumbo/BlackWolfsDen. I took it from his github repositories and I was searching through the code and I didn't find a solution. Could you tell me how can I fix it, of course, if there's a way, thank you.

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You can contact him through his github:
Or through the release threads he has shared his creation on, for example I believe he has a thread on this forum.

If you want to fix it then you need to do like I already told.
Make all actions that are done for player on the "login" event and do them to all players that are already online when the script runs.
You said "I was searching through the code and I didn't find a solution" but that didnt sound like you tried that yet, especially when you said "Could you tell me how can I fix it" when I already told you how to fix it. Did you try it?

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You rang..? lol

I'm thinking making a function for RegisterServerEvent 16 on_startup that would get all players and send a call to global function Player_Vip_Table(event, player) for each player in_game. also would need to reload the table with the settings from it too. yea i think it would work..

could just wrap the system loading of settings "ACCT["SERVER"] into a global function that loads during startup as usual but refires on ServerEvent 16 then add a catch 22 line for each script to check if "ACCT[player:GetAcctID()]" exist or ifnot then call Player_Vip_Table() and build the players VIP settings array.

I was thinking grabbing all players and building there settings arrays would become a possible busrt of an sql workload vs making them as they become required


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