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mangos one [Mangos]Character&Creature Level



Hi there.

I'd like to know how can I fix something, it's about character's and creature's level. They are stuck at level 70, it doesn't work from mangosd.conf ( about the level ) and when I change the min_creature_level and max_creature_level are more than 70 it just doesn't work. :D I have to edit some H or CPP files as I know.
As for the level, it's coming from DBCenums.h and I've already done it so it works. But the creature are still stuck and so I need to change other files, right?
There's another problem besides this one, when I changed the player's level from 70 to 100 for example, the battlegrounds and arena stopped to work, I reset the level to 70 and below and they started to work again. So..these are the questions which I want to know, how can I allow the creatures to be more than level 70 for example 255 or anything and how can I fix this bug about "Arena&Battleground master". My apologies if I wasn't clear enough. 

Deep Sky.

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The impression i got was this is not blizzlike from the developers so its unlikely they will spend time on this. Just saying in case you were waiting on a reply from them :) 

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