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mangosd.exe db_version error



Hello Mangos community. I really appreciate the work that is being done by everyone here and I believe that I will be able to solve my doubt.

I followed the Installation Guide correctly in Windows, however, in step 33 (running mangosd.exe) the second error occurred "The table `db_version` indicates that your [Character] database does not match the expected structure!". Minhas configurações são Windwos 10, VS2015, MySQL 5.7

I was able to upgrade some tables with error, but I do not know why this does not solve. Here a full description of the subject:


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Holy shit! its WORK!


Thanks for the help that the Mangos community and their work in developing it all! I'm not computer nerd, I can not explain what actually happens in each of these steps, but I'm curious to make it work and to be able to explain all this to myself.

Maybe talking about my experience will help future members. First everything is very confusing when it says to copy ".dll" maybe a revision in the text help; second, my "realmd.exe" worked only after an update in my db/Tools/updateRealm; third, I had problems with "db_version" table in WORLD (mangos1) add update did not solve, I did this manually creating a record and add what was needed; fourth, several tables were empty of WORLD, I decided to add manually from FullDB and then everything worked!

Maybe I should not be happy just because "I followed the crumbs of bread", a lot needs to be done to be a Blizzlike server, for example, my character was naked, realm was empty (no mob or NPC), several scripts with message error since there were no mobs. Well, this will all be solved the other day.

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Hi, The problem you have is that you need to update and rebuild your version of mangos...

  [ A ] You have database Version: 21
  Structure: 8
  Content: 12
  Description: Commands_update
  [ B ] You need database Version: 21
  Structure: 3
  Content: 1
  Description: characters_pvpstats


You have database Version 21.8.12 but your version of mangos is expecting 21.3.1



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1 hour ago, Kailash said:

To upgrade mangos do I need to compile again? how do I do this without using EasyBuild?


Go to Dekstop>Right Click>Git bash:

There is an example:

git clone https://github.com/mangosone/server.git Mangos --recursive --depth=1

1. Install CMake: https://cmake.org/download/
2. Install OpenSSL
3. Install Visual Studio 2015 with Updates
4. Install Mysql server >= 5.5 version
5. Make a folder on the Desktop for example "Mangos_Files_Recompile"
6. Open CMake
- Where's source code? Link it through "Browser and navigate to the core"
- Where to build? Link it trough "Browser and navigate to the core"
7. Click configure>Visual Studio 14025
8. Then continue when the configuration is done press Generate
9. It will build the source in "Mangos_Files_Recompile"
10. Go to the folder, there is a ManGOS Solution.
11. Open it.
12. Go to Build>Configuration manager>Choose from Debug to Release and your platform.
13. Build>Build Solution
14. It will begin.
15. When it's done, go to "Mangos_Files_Recompile">Bin>Release
16. Change all .dist files to .conf edit your mysql information in realmd.conf ; mangosd.conf 
17. Put libmysql and what files were needed
18. Start the server and enjoy

Deep Sky.

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18 minutes ago, stefan100 said:

Eu não sabia que você está compilando no Linux, então não estou familiarizado com a compilação no Linux, desculpe ... Não tenho Linux

Truth I'm not .. it's just a question to know how all this works. I do not want to just run the server, but understand the whole process for it to work.

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5 hours ago, Kailash said:

for example, my character was naked, realm was empty (no mob or NPC), several scripts with message error since there were no mobs.

It means that your `mangos` database is seriously damaged, if not empty at all. You need to refill it. The simplest way to do that (under Windows) is using InstallDatabase.bat with turned off all options unrelated to the `mangos` (world) DB. If the server starts, you have nothing to do with the `realmd` and `characters` databases.

The most popular user mistake here is not using a valid SQL access account while running the file (by default, SQL user "mangos" is used in the bat-file, but it had been created before). Realize that the SQL server is a service requiring an authentication to work with. The default "root" user (with password) is created while you install the SQL server itself. Since that you can create other SQL user accounts with that "root" credentials.

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