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hello! here's my mangos server configuration:


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I work in technical support, and have some previous experience with SQL (Crystal Reports) as well as a degree in Computer Science (Java & C++). As a hobby, I like to collect and build computers out of spare parts, and I'm starting to learn some PHP. Also, I love anime.

but enough about me... I've attached a screenshot of my "production" Mangos server: a dual Xeon Windows 7 machine with 24gb RAM, running 3 Win7 Virtual Boxes to compartmentalize the different executables and services.

VM1 runs Apache (with PHP) and the Realm Daemon, VM2 runs all four Mangos servers, and VM3 runs the MySQL server. I'm thinking about writing up a how-to document with instructions on how to split everything between multiple Windows computers...

My "gaming" PC is an i7 with 32gb RAM and a GeForce GTX 6600 Ti; I'm currently attempting to 5-man multi-box my way through all the vanilla instances (warrior tank, priest heals, and warlock/mage/priest dps). I also have a separate "development" PC to compile Mangos (running a separate MySQL instance).


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We're using a similar setup with XenServer but with a lot higher specs obviously! Our database backend is Linux based on everything we are doing.
Covenant-WoW.com is using one realm-daemon with all the cores :)

If you are seriously interested in getting into MaNGOS coding aspect of things (you don't mention above?) we'd love to chat to you and see if there is anything that interests you over in our bug tracker - Drop me a PM if you'd like to get in touch over skype.

Have a great weekend.

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