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character and item editing


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Hello all.  I am new to WoW emulation, and just started messing around with Lights Hope bropack v8 on Windows, not sure which core version of MaNGOS that uses (maybe you can tell me).  It seems to run fine. I am trying to figure out how to do a few things like edit characters and items.  I tried using Quice 1.2.25 which opens the DB, it does show a couple curious errors (attached) but seems to login and view the tables I want (items and characters) regardless.  However, let's say I want to edit the "worn shortsword", and I change a value...where is the save button lol?  I don't know how to apply the changes.  Sorry for the noob question.  

If there is a better editor I should be using for my version of MaNGOS please let me know.  I also have HeidiSQL installed, just have not figured out where these tables are yet.  

Thanks in advance.  




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Sadly Quince was designed to work to a version of mangos from 3 years ago !!

This is like assuming something from Windows 3.1 will work on Windows 10 :D

Mangos has come a long way in the last three years and the database structure has been modified dramatically.

Sadly Quince and I few tools like it have been left on the wayside when the original authors have left the emu scene - A topic for another discussion !

Glad you were able to get what you wanted done.

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since you made the comparison to my version of MaNGOS and Win 3.1 (lol), what exactly will that mean?  Will my version be dramatically less stable and have more problems?  Is there anything I can easily patch or update? would this update guide work here?

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Pretty sure he's just saying that Quice is outdated (terribly outdated) and doesn't know what tables have been added/removed from the mangos world database in the last 3 years.

mangos, on the other hand, has improved greatly in the last 3 years.

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