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hi all


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well first off thanks for having me on the forum :), am a down to earth guy I also suffer from dyslexia so spelling is not my strong point :D, but that dont stop me wanting to learn as much as I can before I die ha am a self programmer mostly in delphi (pascal) with 10+ years experience, but I know lua / php / css and few more things joined the mangos scene to learn wow coding and moding I have my own WOTLK server running as a private playground for me but I do allow people to join on request it gets lonely at times ha

other hobbies I enjoy is deejaying done that since I was 15 always nice to unwind from coding blasting out some tunes and keeping next door awake :D

well any ways cheers for reading this

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Hi and Welcome,
Something I've leant over 30+ years developing is that the language you develop in is fairly unimportant... yes some languages are better at some things than others.

Although I never learnt pascal, I did use pascal and helped a colleague debug it !!

Although Visual Basic has been my main language throughout those years (VB1 to VB.Net), I was also taught Java.
- It was via Java that I learnt C#..... and via C# that I finally got a handle on C++

The bottom line is, learn as much as you can.... and enjoy yourself doing it

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