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Preview of my simple client updater system


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I been looking for my own client updater f or some time but was not very happy with the programs I found so I decided to code my own based of the official classic wow updater, I attached a screen shot of how it looks I got basic working all buttons and backgrounds even the image can be changed to any background image making it customizable for other community's I only just started this project so it will take some time to get working fully but I will be needed some testers so if anyone interested hook me up with a message :)

also as you can tell by screen shot its 100% almost the same as official updater I don't do things by half it needs to be right or not done at all :D

I have also attached a preview exe to show you how it works if you place launcher into your wow folder it will read the Wow.exe and get build number just like official one too, I do like making things like this :)



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here a quick update on what I done today am a fast worker :),

I made it so now the backgrounds change to reflex the client your running so it will show classic background for vanilla client and WOTLK for well that client I also coded a easy manager that will generate the update ics file that you upload along with files so that patcher knows what to download all the basics work it downloads and auto loads client upon compilation of updates I also made it so you can add custom URL to both public test and support buttons via ini if no links are provided the buttons will be disabled.

still needs abit of work I want to make it so people can use there own background images in place of blizzard images so that be next on my list todo, any feed back would be good thanks :)






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Ok, so phase two is now complete, unlike the first phase that was using HTTP protocol to download files via a website, this may have some advantages but speed was not one of them, So I decided phase two should have a all new shiny FTP protocol allowing for maximum speed for downloading.

key features of phase two is as follows :

  • FTP protocol using anonymous login.
  • Full back-end re-written to reduce the excusable by upto 50% then phase one.
  • Theme support is added so you can create your own buttons and backgrounds.
  • HTTP protocol has also been added, so you can load a web page direct from launcher (I have also re-created the blizzard launcher page from screen shots).
  • 100% authentic looking and working like it should.

This should make a couple of the server hosts happy am sure, I can also offer my services if anyone don't have Delphi or want to change login to ftp so on.



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