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mangos zero At my wits end: Help with starter spells (eg. summon imp)



I decided to come here to get opitions on how to approach something that I have spent hours on.

My server starts everyone at level 10 and at GM Island. What this means is that some classes (like warrior, warlock, etc) cannot simply go to a trainer and learn thing like taunt, summon imp/voidwalker, etc. 

I don't want to just have some random quest NPC and make the users track down a quest they can't see. I have tried to make trainers on GM island and was hoping to just make the trainers learn the spells via GM command. No go on that. I have went into the  npc_trainer dbc but none of the spell ids match. I think its because of quest reward or something..

I need opinions or help cause I am just fried and the point of giving up. 

Was thinking of some possibilities but cant figure this out.

Is there a way to change the default starter spells for the classes affected where they load in with these spells on character creation and entering the world for the first time?

Any tips or opinions are so welcomed...help lol

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I believe the table you are looking for is  playercreateinfo_spell  this will allow you to assign spells to players on startup.  It has been some time, but I believe  table playercreateinfo_action will allow you to place the spells in specific actionbar slots.

Hope this helps.

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Blizz have planned to teach a character some spells ingame. They have created the "Learn" counterparts for those spells. The Learn spells have spelleffect SPELL_EFFECT_LEARN_SPELL=36 and the spell id to learn in EffectTriggerSpell; they provide also the well known animation. It is why your spellids did not match. The learning process looks like casting a "learn" spell upon the character.

You could find required spells with the SpellWork, for example (note that it needs access to the extracted DBC files, specifically, to the Spell.dbc).

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