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line 125: mysql: command not found



Hello fellow Mangos members!
So i'm trying to compile the tbc version and at the step that i need to do the command ./InstallFullDB.sh 
again. i have this error. ive tried reinstalling Mysql with the mysql server that is listed in the guide with no luck, still getting the same error..

I hope i made any sence, im kinda new at this and i would really appriciate any point of direction where the error occurs ive tried looking through the forums here but couldn't find the same error.


Welcome to the TBC-DB helper InstallFullDB.sh ATTENTION: Your database tbcmangos will be reset to TBC-DB! Please bring your repositories up-to-date! Press CTRL+C to exit ........... > Processing TBC database v1.8 'Vengeance Strikes Back' ... ./InstallFullDB.sh: line 125: mysql: command not found ERROR: cannot apply Full_DB/TBCDB_1.8.0_VengeanceStrikesBack.sql

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39 minutes ago, Ahg1995 said:

Sorry for posting again, but where can i find a forum to ask questions on github?

If your using the MaNGOS cores you are free to ask here, but a fork of ours like cmangos you need to head over to their forum. We also have a discord which you can join from the purple box on the side of the site.

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