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Hi @MrZizzmo,

You can change all the accounts expansions by running a single SQL query on your database.

UPDATE `account` SET `expansion` = 2 ;

You can use a DB editor like MySQL Workbench for example.

If there is a security issue running this query since it targets all the rows at the same time you can either change this limitations in the editor options (the solution can be found by a simple Google search ;) ) or you can try this other syntax :

UPDATE `account` SET `expansion` = 2 WHERE 1 = 1 ;

Best regards,

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2 hours ago, MrZizzmo said:

How do I update existing accounts to TBC?


On the mangosd console you can type: help account set addon
That should give you enough info to figure this out.
example: account set addon madmax 2

You can also use a database editor to open the database "realmd" and then under "account" you can open that and should have the accounts listed and set the level of expansion in there.


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