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Getting the 4.3.4 Cataclysm client (in any language)


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Downloading World of Warcraft: Cataclysm 4.3.4 Client

This is a temp guide until @antz finalizes where we are keeping our forks and such. Thanks to the Cataclysm Preservation Project for the tools used.

For the client base files you can use https://github.com/The-Cataclysm-Preservation-Project/ClientDownloader/releases/tag/1.2

Once you have extracted to a folder and ran you should have something like this...File List.png

You can now delete the ClientDownloader files

Now download WoWRegen tool https://github.com/The-Cataclysm-Preservation-Project/wowregeneration/blob/master/Binary/WoWRegeneration.exe?raw=true

Run WoWRegeneration.exe from within the folder where you have the client files, you should see a folder appear while it downloads called WoW-15595 - inside you will find a Data folder

Once the download has completed move the Data folder so it is with WoW.exe

It should look like this now... Data Downloaded.png

Now we have an "untouched" 4.3.4 install! but wait we need to make this work with MaNGOS!

Head over to here and grab the official MaNGOS patcher - https://github.com/mangosthree/tools/blob/master/MaNGOSPatcher/_extras/MaNGOSPatcher.exe?raw=true

Once we have that you can run it in the folder with Wow,exe and you should end up with it looking like this... 4.3.4 Patched.png

That's it, you're done! Do not use the Wow-64.exe until the MaNGOS patcher can be updated to take care of that file too, for now stick to the regular Wow.exe. Never run launcher! (you need to rename that to be safe and prevent updating).

Follow the MaNGOS guides in the wiki for setting up the server and client etc (this post is to cover just getting the files)

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