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Exploit to arena system


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Mangos Version: 9036

Custom Patches: ah

SD2 Version: 1514

Database Name and Version : Udb 385

it is a little complicated so am going to explain in a different method

1-)with new system you are not loosing arena rating before reaching 1000.(keep this in mind)

2-)when you made a party and your mate.your mate log out with alt+f4 and he stil seems to be in a party with you.

3-) you can get in queue for arena when you did the 2 step

4-)lets assume you have 1800 rating and you and your mate did the 2. and 3. step and then the sistem gets you in a queue with a rating of 900

5-) lets assume you have 1800 rating(team a) and you find another team with same rating(team b) both teams do the 2. and 3. step

6-) when you enter the arena (team b) write /afk and (team a) wins.

7-) the thing is althoug (team b) is 1800 they dont loose any rating because arena system write them as they are 900.

8-) and (team a) gets their rating because they have win so they become 1800+ what they gain from that match.

after (team a) has a lot of points so they cant macth with (team b) anymore. they create another team (team c) to raise (team b)'s rating.

they did everystep again and again so they raise their rating from zero to 2000 in one night.

i dont know exactly but i suppose if you can fix the "dont leaving the party after loging out with alt+f4"

the problem can be solved.

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an update to the arena exploits

1-) lets asume you have a 3v3 team with 1500 rating and your personal rating is 1500

2-) yo get 2 people (who are not in your arena team) and make party of 3 people

3-) than this 2 people quit game with alt+f4

4-) you get in arena que with 500 rating

5-) and beacouse of this when you loose u dont loose any points but when you win you gain points.

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