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[patch] Spell_damage_class_none Bug Fix

Auntie Mangos

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46008, this is a shadow damage spell, but it never miss/resist

43150, this is a physical damage spell, it never miss/crit/dodge

Please see bug report:


Index: Unit.cpp
--- Unit.cpp                (revision 6412)
+++ Unit.cpp                (working copy)
@@ -2827,87 +2766,44 @@
//                                                 return MeleeSpellHitResult(pVictim, spell);
                                                return SPELL_MISS_NONE;
                                case SPELL_DAMAGE_CLASS_NONE:
+                                                return SPELL_MISS_NONE; // This is not a hack, this is what it should be
                                case SPELL_DAMAGE_CLASS_MAGIC:
                                                return MagicSpellHitResult(pVictim, spell);
                return SPELL_MISS_NONE;

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