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Falling Through The World

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There is a blink patch around that has seen some sucess. It is still in beta however.


I have been using this patch on my testserver, with 10 testers, and have seen much less occurrences of falling through the terrain, when useing blink.

With v maps and line of sight on There is alot of places (especially in outlands) that you must stand right on top of a mob to attack it. There are many places where mobs will be under the ground so you can only see thir head, or sometimes not at all, thus causing stuck in combat issues. Until these terrain issues are resolved, maybe somone can write a config option, so we can turn v maps off in certain zones ? Like verry buggy un'goro crater. Im not a coder yet or i would.

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I've done the most recent maps/vmaps recompile for my MaNGOS Linux server (MANGOS 6650 / SD2 659 / UDB 0.10.3 r361 / ACID 0.0.3) Things seem generally good but many users (and myself) are reporting a very high incidence of falling through the floor of the world in Un'Goro Crater.

It usually happens near the crater rim, and of course there's no recourse other than resurrection and repair.

My vmaps are turned on.

Any hints as to how I might fix this, or if it's being looked at for a future version? Thanks in advance!

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