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Quest to change class - possible?

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  • 40 years later...

I've partially answered my own question.

Race/class combinations are not restricted by the client when loaded by the server. Only character creation is restricted. If you add new combinations to mangos.playercreateinfo and mangos.player_levelstats, you can then change the race/class of an existing character, and the client will accept it. I made a gnome priest. :D

If you change a toon's class in characters.characters while the toon is logged in, something changes it back when you log out. Perhaps that can be prevented. But if nothing else, players should be able to change their class via some Web interface.

So... gnomes have healers now. This means war. Race war!

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I tried this. The client doesn't crash. But, you can no longer speak or use any commands. The client says, "You don't know that language." I don't know if that could be fixed.

Another strange thing is that some races have more faces or hair styles than others, so if you use one of the higher numbered ones and then change the race, you get strange results. Either a completely black head, or textures from the wrong race applied to the face.

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chaning class in characters table give none error you can log in chat and class what you had before is changed to class what ya wanted with no errors and you can learn new class spells but there is bug BUT you cant attack or use skills/spells need to figure this out:D

ofc you need to exit game before you change class in characters table then is works

weird i changed dk to warrior but cant change mage to warrior

thats the error what it says after dk to warrior and iwant to attack

cant attack while pacified

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