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[GUIDE] How to "check out" GIThub from Windows

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There were some other threads as well (http://getmangos.eu/community/viewtopic.php?id=4027 for example), but I see this one is "classified" as guide.

It would be nice to see here how reset is done (that thing with git-reset --hard) together with cleaning non-tracking files (git-clean -f -d), applying a patch using GNU patch(1) (even included in msysgit) as well as with git-apply ..


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I noticed someone have this problem, so it's a guide:

1. Install Git- from http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/downloads/list

2.In the installer select the ssh option

3. Now launch the GIT bash from Start -> All programs -> GIT -> GIT Bash

4. Type the following command

$ git clone [url]git://github.com/mangos/mangos.git[/url] mangos

* You don't need to type the "$", it's alredy there :)

5. When the process ends, you will find the MaNGOS sources @ C:\\Users\\$YourUserName\\mangos (Vista) or @ C:\\Documents and Settings\\$YourUserName\\mangos (XP)

I hope this can help you, greetings, Majere

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How to use git through SQUID proxy from windows? Any idea?

man git-config


A "proxy command" to execute (as command host port) instead of establishing direct connection to the remote server when using the git protocol for fetching. If the variable value is in the "COMMAND for DOMAIN" format, the command is applied only on hostnames ending with the specified domain string. This variable may be set multiple times and is matched in the given order; the first match wins.

Can be overridden by the GIT_PROXY_COMMAND environment variable (which always applies universally, without the special "for" handling).


Override the HTTP proxy, normally configured using the http_proxy environment variable (see curl(1)). This can be overridden on a per-remote basis; see remote.<name>.proxy


For remotes that require curl (http, https and ftp), the URL to the proxy to use for that remote. Set to the empty string to disable proxying for that remote.

... or use some wrapper.

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How in the world to you revert back to a revision? Or does Git not even have that?

git reset --hard <revspec>

where <revspec> can be absolute "link" -- ie. the SHA1 of a commit

or it can be relative, like HEAD~4 (4 revs back), HEAD^^2 (2 revs back to the second merge parent)


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Please can someone upload Git- to a mirror in filebean, my ip is been denied access to googlecode site, so I can’t download git.

Thanks in advance :D

After two weeks searching where can download it, a friend can download this file and give it to me, to share it I upload the file to FILEBEAM. Git-

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mmm....So Majere isn't dead yet LOL

I was thinking about you just in this days because of my GIT problems....et voila'....you are here....so? Do you think you will go on compiling for "youknowwhatsiteImean"?...



Just a joke^^ thanks a lot Maje, and...." Boia deh....sei ancora vivo Majere O_O" ^^

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