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[bug] Glancing Blow (3.3.5)

Guest angeleyes

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I previously posted this info incorrectly at the " ... under review [Patch] Glancing Blows [1.12]" post.

However my problem with glancing blow is not with 1.12 but with 3.3.5.

Mangos Version: 12792

Custom Patches: -

SD2 Version: 2279

Database Name and Version : udb 402

How it SHOULD work: Glancing Blows should only appear 25% of the time

How it DOES work: Glancing Blows appear 40% of the time

At 3.3.5 there should be 25% of glancing blows, but there is 40% of glancing blows (which is an older value, so for 1.12 this is correct, but not for 3.3.5)

The code as it is incorporated in Mangos (3.3.5) is as follows:

// Max 40% chance to score a glancing blow against mobs that are higher level (can do only players and pets and not with ranged weapon)

if ( attType != RANGED_ATTACK &&

(GetTypeId() == TYPEID_PLAYER || ((Creature*)this)->IsPet()) &&

pVictim->GetTypeId() != TYPEID_PLAYER && !((Creature*)pVictim)->IsPet() &&

getLevel() < pVictim->GetLevelForTarget(this) )


// cap possible value (with bonuses > max skill)

int32 skill = attackerWeaponSkill;

int32 maxskill = attackerMaxSkillValueForLevel;

skill = (skill > maxskill) ? maxskill : skill;

tmp = (10 + 2*(victimDefenseSkill - skill)) * 100;

tmp = tmp > 4000 ? 4000 : tmp;

if (roll < (sum += tmp))



sum-4000, sum);




So according to this code glancing can be 40% maximum.

However according to http://www.wowwiki.com/Glancing_blow#Gl … low_chance it should only be 24% as of patch 3.0

Now I've had some friends wacking on dummies both on bl!zz and on our own mangos server and the results are that the friend on Bl!zz never had more than 24% glancing blows while the friend on our own mangos server had 40% glancing blows. I assume the formula used should be changed to:

tmp = (10 + (victimDefenseSkill - skill)) * 100;

which is also what is mentioned by http://www.wowwiki.com/Glancing_blow#Gl … low_chance at the post 2.1 comment.

victimDefenseSkill for a raidboss is: 83*5 = 415

skill is: 400

So in the current formula you'll get:

tmp = (10 + 2*(415 - 400)) * 100 = 4000

Where it should be:

tmp = (10 + (415-400)) * 100 = 2500

Results from testing on our mangos 3.3.5 server:

15001 Melee hits: 100%

6011 Glancing blows: 40.1%

3842 Hits: 25.6%

3412 Crits: 22.7%

1736 Misses: 11.6%


And the results from Bl!zz



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Hrm, I don't think you'll find anything perfectly clear.

Best I can find is Rawr, here is a link to the last pre-cata release I can find: http://rawr.codeplex.com/SourceControl/changeset/view/53851#294974

They have a comment saying that no stat modifies glancing blow. It is possible that it was based on player weapon skill vs mob defense in wrath, but since weapon skill was removed in cata we can't test it on retail anymore.


This EJ post indicates that 1) glancing chance in wrath was 24% and 2) it didn't change in cata.

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