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Mangos 0.12, Milestone Completed

Guest VladimirMangos

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MaNGOS is an object-oriented Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game Server (MMORPGS). It's an educational project, to help developers get familar with large scale C++ and C# development projects.

The 0.12 release based on GIT commit is the twelfth release on the MaNGOS roadmap. As a source-only release, it is intended only for developers and advanced users who understand they will probably experience bugs and/or rough edges.

The following list only gives you a higher level overview, for further details see the ChangeLog file included in the source releases.

==== Game Features ====

* Added: Support for different difficult instances, proper instances reset and proper group/player binding to instances.

* Added: Support for arena system.

* Added: Support for declined names (with Cyrillic client).

* Added: Support for auction pending mail and 1 hour delay in money delivery to owner.

* Added: Support for possibility reject warlock's player summon by targeted player.

* Added: Support for talent based pet auras.

* Added: Support for auto-reward quests.

* Added: Support for trap arming delay in combat state.

* Added: Support for show enchantment item effect on login screen.

* Added: Support for restoration buff in battlegrounds.

* Added: Support for dependent spell disabling (instead removing) at talent reset until talent re-learning.

* Added: Support for guild/arena team leaders delete protection.

* Added: Support for areatrigger scripting.

* Added: Support for honor rewards from quests.

* Added: Support for realmd reconnect from login character list.

* Added: Support for configurable assistance aggro delaying.

* Improved: Better duels work.

* Improved: Improvements in battleground system work including really instancing battlegrounds.

* Improved: Better support game localization for players and GMs.

* Improved: More server-side re-checks for client side primary checked data for prevent cheating.

* Improved: Player can't dodge attack from behind.

* Improved: Correctly animate eating/drinking in cases sitting at chairs/etc.

* Improved: Better guardians related functionality work.

* Improved: Expected instant logout in taxi flight at logout request.

* Improved: Re-implement raid ready check code.

* Improved: Select fishing bobber activating time in more standard way.

* Improved: Better random/waypoint creature movement work including fly case.

* Improved: Evade distance is now based on the distance from the position that the creature was at when it entered combat.

* Improved: Implemented further support for contested guards.

* Improved: Show available daily quests at map as blue marks.

* Improved: Limit distance for listen say/yell text.

* Improved: Removed dismount at login hack that now unneeded.

* Improved: Better support for low character experience gain in group with high character.

* Improved: Default behavior of pets for creatures changed to REACT_DEFENSIVE.

* Improved: Better work with combo points on miss/parry/immune.

* Improved: Allow have team dependent graveyards at entrance map for instances.

* Improved: Allowed switching INVTYPE_HOLDABLE items during combat.

* Improved: Make flying creatures fall on ground when killed.

* Improved: More correct way of calculating fall damage by using fall distance and not fall time.

* plus lots of fixes for auras, effects, spells, talents, and more.

==== Server Features ====

* Added: Support for load and use multiply DBC locales data at server.

* Added: Store in `spell_chain` additional spell dependences from another spell chain for learning possibility checks.

* Added: New chat command for reload settings from mangosd.conf file without server restart need.

* Added: Set icon for realmd/mangosd binaries at Windows build.

* Added: Start use Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE) framework v.5.6.6 in server network code.

* Added: Migrate from SVN sourceforge.net to GIT github.com repository for project sources store.

* Added: Script name indexing for creature, gameobject, item, areatrigger and instance script.

* Added: The possibility to use custom process return values.

* Improved: More DB tables loading at server startup and less unneeded DB access in server work time.

* Improved: Console support for chat like commands features. Merge chat/console command list to single.

* Improved: Implement possibility output detailed and DB error log messages from scripting code.

* Improved: Better localization support for DB scripts and scripting library.

* Improved: Referenced loot data moved to new table for better sharing like data from other loot tables.

* Improved: Prevent overwriting realmd.conf and mangosd.conf on make install at Unix/Linux.

* Improved: Update Visual Leak Detector lib to Version 1.9g (beta).

* Improved: New revisions numbering and sql updates names scheme with tools support used after switch to GIT.

* Improved: Use DBC data for creating initial character items.

==== Statistics ====

* Fixed Bugs: many :)

* Total number of changes: 731 (323 in git)

For 0.12 release sources created mangos-0.12 branch. MaNGOS team plan back port some appropriate fixes from master sources to this branch.

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