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Database backups and mangos updates

Guest Svarr_


I hope you can answer me some questions. I'm updating mangos and scriptdev right now (in fact I already did it but I have to wait until someone has helped me with my playerbot problem, before I can compile it) and I have never done it before.

So I would like to know if a backup of the databases (e.g. own items, mobs and characters...) is necessary when I update the emu or if it is only needed for a complete new installation?

Then what do I have to be careful about? I'm using SQLyog which has of course a backup as sql-dump function. Is it ok to safe all tables or would this be causing conflicts when I want to import it in the updated version? I mean there could be changes in the tables and when I import something from an older db I would automatically overwrite some data, or am I wrong?

Btw: Where are the tables safed anyway? I know how to acces them, but they have to be physically safed somewhere, right?

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The problem wasnt how to backup, I wanted to know, if my chars and the accounts would be lost when I update mangos. Now I know the answer.

Another question:

I want to completely reinstall mangos. For this I want to completely delete the databases with their tables and all other data. (I already made a backup of every table of which I think its important for my ingame progress)

How should I proceed?

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usually you don't have to care about the world or sd2 database, as these are well filled with the provided files.

so all that is left is the characters and realm database.

Usually you won't have need to recreate these two databases, as you can always create new accounds and new characters :)

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