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[Tut] Mangos zero portable


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A tutorial I am writing, it is heavily based on this Here

You will need a Few programs

XAMPP USB Lite - http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html#646


Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express

I won’t go into compilation, if wanted I can add it later

For compiling and downloading the source I refer you to the above link

Part 1

-create a folder somewhere your desktop isn’t a bad idea name it mangos zero portable

-copy the compiled Mangos Files into that folder and the downloaded files and folders from the above tutorial into the folder we created

- copy XAMPP into that folder and extract it

- Open XAMPP folder

- run the following in order

I setup_xampp.bat

II mysql_start.bat (you can stop it with apache_stop.bat)

III apache_start.bat (you can stop it with apache_stop.bat)

Assuming all went well you can move on to part 2

Part 2

Load up the Database

-Make sure MySQL and apache are started

-Follow step 3 from the above linked tutorial

-Now just follow steps 6-8 from the above linked tutorial

-One thing not mentioned in the above tutorial you have change one thing in the database, open up php myadmin work your way over to database

You want to click on _realm then realm list, then the address column change it to

-assuming all went well you should have a working server

Now all you have to do is copy the folder we created, on to a usb or what you want

Then when you want to play just use these

I setup_xampp.bat

II mysql_start.bat

III apache_start.bat

IIII realmd

IIIII mangosd

Tada portable mangos just carry a client in the same folder, and you can use it pretty much anywhere

I know this tutorial properly isn’t too good, I am not good at explaining things, I’m better at videos. Where I can show

I hope it helps someone anyway

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