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Okay i pretty much decided for this project now how the wiki layout should be in basics.

make a separate github user called mangos (free to choose ofc) and a project under it called mangoswiki (or wiki or banana or whatever)

So we have a separate project and user for the wiki (just to make things easy to find and keep the current project layout intact)

And on this wiki we can put everything, i suggest that we let the UDB people work their wiki into mangos as well, and scriptdev if thjey happen to have one. So we can gather all information we need on one place. Pretty much like trinitycore has, except that we will host our wiki on github.

I am willing to provide windows (windows 7) and debian (debian 6) complete guides for mangos zero-three. (No i do not include databases in that because i barely know where to get database for all projects that are up to date anymore, same with ACID)

Anyhow. We really need a wiki, what is a professional project without a professional wiki? Sounds like microsoft style!

I am also interested in doxygen. I am not sure how that works, but i am interested in learning about how doxygen really works. Would probably make the "step into mangos sourcecode" easier. For the way i have learned mostly everything i have done is take stuff from somewhere or see something someone did and modify it. We simply do not know the structure of mangos well enough. The only thing i wrote by myself completely is probably crossfaction bgs. Anyways, that is a bit offtopic. What we need to know is stuff like how the spell system really works (this is my top 1 prio because pvping against my friends really s**k without working spells and talents.)

Hope we can figure something out as the awesome community we are!


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last night I just updated udb wiki with a some info on some tables / added a dbc file description.... I will continue my work over udb wiki. But my point is that as a fresh start we can go with udb wiki... clone it or whatever...and continue the work over the time...keep it up 2 date...


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I am waiting for a Cata wiki

Why just a cata wiki? We should have a centralized wiki, if theluda creates this i will start writing

I don't know how to compile zero, one, two... but, if all versions wiki "how to compile" will be created and well done it, i can traslate it to spanish, no problem man.

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Hi Guys, really want to get some definite stuff in place ready for the new year goodness that's coming.

I would appreciate anyone letting me know of there interest in getting this going asap and volunteers to help keep it going.

Either reply to this topic or PM me.

Thanks in advance

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