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Problem with mangos-One



Hello, i am using mangos one latest release from here:


I think i am compiling everything they way it's should be compiled. I can see SD2 logo on core startup, so scrpt dev should be runing. SD2 db is up too. But most of the bosses are not working the way they should... As i could see from sd2 files Black temple should be like 80-95% working but again most of the bosses there are not working. Shade of akama i not working. Akama is not working and cannot call Illidan for fight. Are they just still not fixed or i am messing up something on compilation process?

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The SD2 logo alone doesn't indicate whether it's loaded properly. Check the server.log file whether scriptdev2 is loading to the end. Check also the credentials for the scriptdev2 database in the scriptdev2.conf file.

In the repository, which Antz mentioned, there are some improvments for the black temple. Among other things Shade of Akama and the Akama intro event for Illidan

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