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Client 4.x.x or 5.x.x...?

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Quick question. I have been tinkering with the Cataclysm client and have been having trouble with it. My problem is that I would like to be able to utilize the enhanced graphics engine in Cataclysm for better enjoyment of my private server. However, no matter what I do, it installs and instantly starts streaming the updates to 5.1.0. That's fine and dandy, except that Pandaris does NOT have a realmlist.wtf file that I can find anywhere. I even went through the MPQs for it and found nothing pertaining to how to make it connect to instead of warcraft.

Is there anyway to keep Cataclysm from updating to Pandaris? If not, how do I go about getting Pandaris to connect to localhost? I know that I can finagle the core to accept the Pandaris and/or Cataclysm clients, but don't know how to keep the client from updating of it's own volition, or how to make it connect to my server even after it updates.

Please help me. :(

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I meant to ask... Is there any way to make Pandaris connect to a Mangos Three server or anything like that? And if so, how? I tried recompiling Lich King Mangos to accept Cataclysm client and it yelled at me about not having all the vmaps and such. So I went to try and extract all that with the Lich King ad and it said it didn't have the right mpqs. So I tried with the Cataclysm version of ad and the Lich King server said the maps were the wrong version. :(

So, based on that, I am assuming that there is no way to run a newer client on an older server.

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Hi, the short answer is no there is not

There are basically 5 versions of WOW, one for each expansion.

- We also have 5 cores, one for each expansion

Because there are generally so many changes in each expansion of security, opcodes, data formats - This is the only way we can manage it.

One of the main posts lists where earlier versions of WOW can be downloaded from, I would advise looking here to get the correct version.

- However, if you want to play something that usable I would advise against Cata

Cata should be regarded as an alpha release for developers to work on and test progress, there is more that does not work compared to what works.

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