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MaNGOS Zero problem



Hi, my first post here :)

I've been messing with MaNGOS for a while now, but decided to update my old version to the latest Zero build, for Linux (Ununtu 12.04 LTS).

I got the Zero master branch from the git repo linked from this site (getmangos.eu)...

The database side is all working OK, and I rebuilt realmd and mangosd without issues. realmd runs fine, but mangosd complains about my map files being out of date. Fair enough, so I copy the ad.exe binary from the Zero repo and run it in my WoW 1.12.1 (Windows) folder. It bombs out immediately saying 'missing locales' or 'no locales found' or something like that...

Any suggestions as to what might be the problem ?

I also tried rebuilding the ad.exe tool but couldn't get the Windows version (in Visual Studio 12) or the LInux version to build. I had missing library errors while linking, and that sort of thing...

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Is this an official 1.12.1 install or something downloaded? Also, where did you get that ad.exe from? Locales in 2.x and beyond are in the "Data" folder in your WoW folder, but I don't believe there were any locales files in 1.12.1, at least for the US version. I do not have any locales on my US version, installed from CD and patched using official patches. Are you using a GB or other version?

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I'm using the 1.12.1 client linked in the sticky in this forum, and the ad.exe from the MaNGOS Zero git repo (the ready built one, as, as I said, I couldn't get it to rebuild).

So if the 1.12.1 client doesn't have locales, why is the Zero ad.exe complaining that it can't find them ? Doesn't make sense ?!

For a vanilla WoW server I need the 1.12.1 client, with MaGOS Zero, and the database, maps etc. to go with it - correct ?

So which version of ad.exe should I use to extract the correct version of maps from the 1.12.1 client ?

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That is the correct ad.exe, the one from the Zero repo. I have no idea why it is not working. My 1.12.1 install does not have a locales folder. My 3.3.5 install does have a locales folder. Let me download and try the latest Zero ad.exe, give me a few minutes.


C:\\Games\\World of Warcraft>ad
Map & DBC Extractor

Opening ./Data/dbc.MPQ
Opening ./Data/terrain.MPQ
Opening ./Data/patch.MPQ
Opening ./Data/patch-2.MPQ
Extracting dbc files...
Extracted 158 DBC files

Extracting maps...
Read Map.dbc file... Done! (44 maps loaded)
Read AreaTable.dbc file...Done! (1081 areas loaded)
Read LiquidType.dbc file...Done! (5 LiqTypes loaded)
Convert map files
Extract Azeroth (1/44)
Extract Kalimdor (2/44)
Extract test (3/44)                  %
Extract ScottTest (4/44)
Extract Test (5/44)                  %
Extract PVPZone01 (6/44)
Extract Shadowfang (7/44)
Extract StormwindJail (8/44)
Extract StormwindPrison (9/44)
Extract DeadminesInstance (10/44)
Extract PVPZone02 (11/44)
Extract Collin (12/44)
Extract WailingCaverns (13/44)
Extract Monastery (14/44)
Extract RazorfenKraulInstance (15/44)
Extract Blackfathom (16/44)
Extract Uldaman (17/44)
Extract GnomeragonInstance (18/44)
Extract SunkenTemple (19/44)
Extract RazorfenDowns (20/44)
Extract EmeraldDream (21/44)
Extract MonasteryInstances (22/44)
Extract TanarisInstance (23/44)
Extract BlackRockSpire (24/44)
Extract BlackrockDepths (25/44)
Extract OnyxiaLairInstance (26/44)
Extract CavernsOfTime (27/44)
Extract SchoolofNecromancy (28/44)
Extract Zul'gurub (29/44)
Extract Stratholme (30/44)
Extract Mauradon (31/44)
Extract DeeprunTram (32/44)
Extract OrgrimmarInstance (33/44)
Extract MoltenCore (34/44)
Extract DireMaul (35/44)
Extract AlliancePVPBarracks (36/44)
Extract HordePVPBarracks (37/44)
Extract development (38/44)
Extract BlackwingLair (39/44)
Extract PVPZone03 (40/44)
Extract AhnQiraj (41/44)
Extract PVPZone04 (42/44)
Extract AhnQirajTemple (43/44)
Extract Stratholme Raid (44/44)
C:\\Games\\World of Warcraft>

Something is wrong with your client install. At least, that is my guess. The ad.exe packaged with the server works fine.

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I agree, there is absolutely no locale support in 1.12.1 client.

I would suggest starting by trying to resolve why you can't build ad.exe

- I personally never trust the version that is bundled with the repo.

on another note, i'd appreciate you running the 'Mangos Extractor' from the link in http://getmangos.eu/bb/post/7428/#p7428 and let me know how you get on.

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