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Other Compatible Mangos World Databases ?


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I am looking to update our server cores pages links with databases for each of the cores:-

Zero and One are well served with Mangos & UDB databases

Two (Wotlk) has four databases

Three (Cata) has two YTDB and an ArkDB conversion

Four (Mop) has none atm

Does anyone know of database projects for Three or Four that are prepared to support us ?

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Sorry, my list was incorrect - first post amended

Yes YTDB do have a database and it's included in the links on the 'CORES' page of the main website.

Not sure about UDB, the website and forum links I have are dead :(

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I don't believe there exists any dedicated projects, like UDB or YTDB, who are working on a MoP database that is MaNGOS-compatible.

However, there are a few MoP server projects that also have an included database. These days, it seems nearly all independent Cata and MoP server projects are split evenly between being based on MaNGOS or Trinity. Before anyone splits hairs, Trinity has made enough changes to headers, formats, and schemas that their DB isn't directly compatible, despite their project being a fork of ours.

I wouldn't get my hopes up that any of those indie groups have more than a basic database. Progress on MoP seems to be even slower than it was with Cata, when that expansion was fairly new. Still, it may provide a place to start. By having something that could be forked, our efforts would also help those guys with their project at the same time. However, I think we would learn more and waste less time fixing other people's mistakes by building our own MoP DB from scratch.

Besides, I've always wanted to learn how to make a fresh database, extracting DBC files and harvesting data from player's retail client caches or other online sources. :D

We should make it into a huge community learning project! That would be a three-way win. MaNGOS gets a MoP DB, gains a new generation of DB devs, and I finally get to learn how a DB is created. 8)

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Absolutely agree, there is research out there into WDB/ADB formats and how to extract data.

Personally i've never found a tool that has worked, but if anyone can find any solid information on the current format of these files then i'm happy to attempt to write an extractor/importer.

For a DB, at worst, the cata DB could be used to populate non-Pandaria areas as not too much changed.

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That sounds like a lot of fun and a possibility to document how we did it to a great extent aswell if we start from scratch!

Absolutely, documenting how we did it is a must

- The whole Mangos community has suffered due to the talented devs who first worked out how to do this stuff not openly sharing their knowledge as once they left the scene the knowledge is lost

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