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Yesw there was a database editor that you could use although for the life of me I can't remember it's name right now but it started with a Q some thing like Quice... With it you could modify all kinds of BD stuff plus you could export and import sql code so that you could share your changes if you so wanted to or inter someones else changes.

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Now if only we could find a easy way to add things to the database instead of just modding what is already there or replacing what is already there. ;)

I my be wrong but I think that this is possible in BC and downwards. After patch 3.0.0 blizzard changed something that makes the game more dependant on the .dbc files, or something like that. From WotLK on it is not possible to add new lines to the dbc. (I mean it is possible but the game ignores these lines.) Good for us that there are unused entries in some DBCs which we can use. So apart from this circumstance it is possible to add new content though it's limited.

There was a discussion on this forum about the database and the client database (DBC files). I dream of a MaNGOS Server that has all the needed information in it's own DB, which would make DBC files obsolete. I hope that this would make it much easier to add new content. Also it would eliminate the legality problem of editing (or even extracting) DBC files.

On one side, is there a list or a way to obtain the itemID & " - " & itemName of all the items contained in the DB?

And, is there a way to modify the atributes of a certain item? like +str +sta etc?

All these informations can be found in your DB. You just need to open your MySQL Client. You can search for item names or IDs there (alternatively you can use wowhead.com). And the attributes can be edited there too.

But I'm not sure I understood what you meant.

Quice is sadly not complete, btw. There are still some things missing.

It would be awesome if MaNGOS would continue to develope it.

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I'll take a look at the code. Unfortunately, it's programmed in Delphi XE which is a commercial, non-free compiler. That's... not so good. So my plans are to try porting it over to Lazarus/Free Pascal, which removes the commercial issues.

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