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damn fellas i'm really sorry

Thick Nugs

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been a loyal user (not much of a provider as i cannot code worth crap in C) for a long time around 2005 to 2006 or so. the core back then was zerocore but that was the entire project until you guys expanded up to support other expansions of wow. fantastic job needless to say. I've set up my own server just for myself to play on to test different sets of gears and generally play with spell settings and make weird items and such just out of fun cause it gets boring on regular servers a lot and i like to go on this one and horse around for fun and without this project i wouldn't be able to do that so I thank you very much!

still as easy i remembered setting up back in 2005, little difficultly getting started and programs changed around a bit to extract dbc's but i figured them out pretty quick. anyways i'll stop my pointless rambling and get to the point.

hope you guys can get to 100% again, sorry for idiot kids who think using script injection methods are hacking lol

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Thick Nugs, if I may ask what was your User Name back then? I personally don't remember you then but I did leave in 2005 and then came back in 2008.

wasn't much of a poster on the forums, just used the forums for help and looking for neat addons for the mangos core but my username was digitaleffect or elephanttoes back then in 2005.

i left about 2008 when i got a fulltime job and didn't play wow much at all until about 2011 where i then remembered this project and found it again. thanks for maintaining this project for so long guys! you really have come a serious long way! i still remember when npc's would wander aimlessly and move quickly patroling and barely any scripting was done. it still blows my mind how a project like this has maintained such a strong userbase and staff

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