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EasyBuild - A different way to Clone, Update and Build MaNGOS


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Good work... anyway on git clone i miss one configuration maybe where i could set up to which place clone that repository

git clone [email protected]:mangosthree/server.git home/mangcata_src

Useful for newbies

As it is stated in the readme.md, the folders are created where you put the EasyBuild.cmd. This is much faster and easier than typing in the desired paths by hand. If you are wondering how to choose other names for the folders, you can edit the file yourself to do so. It is quite easy. But a query that is asking for the names would be more userfriendly. Antz, could you do this, please?

Just for fun:

I'm not really familliar with .cmd and .bat-coding (don't know which language they are written) but I like the possibilities they offer in making working steps faster. So I use every chance to try something out...

set /p foldername1=How should the folder containing the server files be named? 
git clone [url]https://github.com/mangoszero/server[/url] %foldername1%

Did I do it right?

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I have uploaded a new version which now allows changing of the folder/repo name as requested

- defaults are still the same

I have also got it building the following extractors:




I can't actually build the ad.exe atm since it will not build from the command line correctly.

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