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got 2 issues :

1- when i click on "ExtractResources.sh" it starts extraction, but "vmaps" & "mmaps" folders are empty..

and also i had to click ad.exe to extract manually "map" & "dbc".


2- when i click on "make_full_db.bat" it open and close directly, so can't import databases...


it's the mangosthree x64 i downloaded in download tab here.

i have also a mangostwo server & client 3.3.5a that works fine,

but can't install mangosthree.

anyone can help me please ?

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MangosThree is currently in heavy active development to get the build system to the same state as MangosZero - Two !

We are in a tricky situation with Three because the master branch uses the horrifically bad old build system and the develop21 branch is not quite ready yet.

Judging by your post you are using the master branch.

In the meantime, try following the "Extracting Game Data" section from this guide:


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