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Hey guys! :)

I tried to follow this guide to Install a Vanilla Priv Server on my Ubuntu 14.04 VPS

(Installation Guides -> Linux -> Debianinstall https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki.php)

but sadly I get stuck at "4. Compiling the server source".

While I'm in my build folder I'm supposed to enter

"cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/mangos/zero"

in the Terminal, but all I get are some nasty bugs. :(


Can someone tell me whats going on? :confused:

Thanks in advance! <3

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If you've completed the "1. Fetching the dependencies." section from this manual, then issue is anywhere else.

In this discussion, a tech support recommends reinstallation of a package (critical for compilation):

apt-get install --reinstall binutils

After this, try again ignoring any variable setup from Intro section of the manual mentioned.

If it does not help, you could try to downgrade the compiler a bit (though the procedure may be long and complicated due to downgrading dependencies), since the older versions look unaffected by this bug.

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"apt-get install --reinstall binutils" did it for me!

I can't thank you enough, hopefully this was the lust bug I will encounter. ^_^

Edit: Haha - Sadly the next Problem appeared.


Then compile "ad":

cd ~/server/contrib/extractor

cmake .


All I get is:

[email protected]:~/server/dep/libmpq$ cd ~/server/contrib/extractor

-su: cd: /home/mangos/server/contrib/extractor: No such file or directory

[email protected]:~/server/dep/libmpq$

For this problem I found this Thread on the Forum here


I followed the instructions but I still have no ad folder.

When trying to execute ExtractResources.sh I get the following Errors:

[email protected]:~/zero/bin/tools$ bash ExtractResources.sh __ __ _ _ - Pastebin.com

Any help for this too? :/

And another Question for the following part of the tutorial

then copy the binary map-extractor from the current directory to your WoW-Folder:

Is the World of Warcraft v1.12.1 Client Folder meant here? The normal Folder I use on Windows too to launch the game?

I better start uploading it to my VPS if so, 5gb should take a while I guess

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I got a bit further, I guess.

I uploaded the WoW 1.12.1 Client to the Server and started to follow this Tutorial at #5 as stated in the last post of this Thread.

So I copied all the Tools but when I try to execute "bash ExtractResources.sh" in the WoW Folder all I get are some permission errors. (even as root)

Terminal Output

What will be the next step to solve this? :)

Thanks in advance! :)


Changed the rights to the folder to 777 with chmod, now it seems to work!

I will post after this is done if any more error occur. :)

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