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Mangos zero, how to show visual waypoints? + another question


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Hi, the title says it.


How do i see the visual waypoints?

I have tried some things but i have not been able too show them.

I need to see them and target them because i want to set waypoints. After typing in ".wp modify move" it shows this: "You must select a Visual Waypoint"

Please help i wanted to help a server with waypoints for NPC's.

EDIT: Ok sorry, i just activated ".gm on" and it worked, i can see the whisps, but the second question,  i need help there.



Another question:

When i type in ".gps" i get the Coordinates.

I can imagine how much my Arm will hurt if i need to write the coordinates manually.

Is there a way to copy the coordinates?

The "mangosd.exe" shows that too but i am unable to copy that.


Is there a way to copy the text from the ".gps" ?

(Example what i need to write just for one waypoint: "-8802.593750 593.603210 97.324203").........


And another question:


How do i fly as a GM?

GM mode is on and i use ".gm fly on" doesnt work it keeps messaging "incorrect value, use on or off"

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Hi there,

  1.  There is no way to copy and paste the coordinates, you don't have to type the full coords just the first parts like 123.123 you can experiment and see how far you can reduce it down.
  2. Classic never had flying, so you cannot fly.
  3. Gm fly message should really be removed as its not something you can do in classic.
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well are there no addon? i know of Chatter but this if for 2.4.3 but it let me copy from WoW chat.

if there is a simmuler addon for 1.12.1 maybe it works the same way, 

or maybe its  called "copy that" i never play this far back so i dont really know.

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