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Develop 21, release 32 August 2015 - database installing




when im installing the Database and running the InstallDatabases.bat as administrator, it always fails. I have the Service Mysql running. Also Username and Password was configured during the installation. No skype or other app using the simillar port is currently running. Theres the default World database name "character0" and the default realm database name "realmd" chosen in the setup. It says "System cannot find the path specified" for every configuration line. What i did wrong?

Im wondering. Do i have to use some specified Username and Password for the Mangos Database or i have to use mine username and pass that was selected during the MySQL 5.5 setup.. ?

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Ok, there are some help textfiles for advanced Mangos users.
But for fools like me, i really dont know how to work with your release.
I recommend doing better Installation guide. I havent find better guide on your Wiki page.
Theres only release 21 manual, or maybe im blind and cant see well. :)

So, i just extracted the maps and Vmaps and place them to server folder, where MangosD.exe is located
Now im trying to setup the database. So, i dont know what have you meant, but ok, there is tools folder and some scripts here,
so i have to run it or.. ? :)

Maybe i cant see the manual for this, but i really havent find it... :)

Thanks for the reply.


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