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Ace 6.3 don't work under windows 10, but ace 6.4 do



I cloned server20 in windows 10 and  compile as release with no errors. But can't run realmd and mangosd(25% CPU used per process and not accept client connect). In Windows server 2012 it is ok.

While I replace ace 6.3 with ace 6.4 it seemed fine under win 10.

Can some one upgrade dev21 to ace 6.4?

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Please see

For this guide I have installed a MangosZero guide onto a Windows 10 OS (Professional as Home is a crippled edition)

I have then connected to this server via a laptop

I was able to connect and play fine.


This also confirms that ACE is not the problem in your case, it must be something else !!

Can you check again (including with firewall switch off etc.) and report back with any information / errors you may come across


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I am not aware of any problems with ACE and Windows 10

I am currently building a Windows 10 based Server from scratch as part of a new Wiki Install Guide: HERE

As you can see from the guide, I have performed the cloning, build, data extraction and DB load. All that remains with the config step and starting the server.

I hope to have the final part written this evening and will be able to confirm whether or not it is a major problem.

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