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Setting up connections!



So I managed to get my MangosZero server working, and my host computer connects to it and everything works as intended, I'm not the most clued in on anything like this so it was a pretty big achievement! Now my problem...

I have tried to connect my laptop to the same server and I'm having no luck! It has the exact same client files and realmlist data as the host computer (which should mean it would connect with no issues as it is connected to the same network right?) But when I attempt to log in on a created account it says connecting for some time then proceeds to say disconnected from server. I don't have a clue why this is! I have tried using the external IP too with the same result.

So question 1, how do I get devices on the same network to connect to my server, hosted on a pc within that network

question 2, how would I then go about making this server public and available to pcs outside of the network?

Question 1 is my main concern with question 2 being a secondary thought as i'm interested to know how the process would differ, but I'm a complete rookie with this stuff so any pointers and advice would be massively appreciated! You might have to dumb it down for me as this is definitely my first time attempting to do this!

Thanks a lot!



No idea what i've done but for some reason my laptop now appears to connect to the server but is stuck unable to connect to the realm, it says it's logging in for a while but then gives me the list of realms again

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It was the realmlist table >.< I had no idea haha its working perfectly now! Thanks a lot! I assume then for external devices to connect to the same server, their realmlist.wtf would just need to have my external IP in instead of my local one? and of course the correct firewall settings etc? And if I wanted to run a MangosOne occasionally as a seperate server, would the files in MySQL clash? I cant seem to find a way to make seperate instances and don't want to lose my MangosZero :)

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On the windows version of the InstallDatabases.bat script.... If you switch off the Creation and Population of the RealmDB (Options T, R & Y) but leave option L on, this will ADD a new entry to the realmlist entry for the db you are installing keeping your existing entries untouched:

 Realm Database :   T   - Toggle Actually Create Realm DB (NO)
                    R   - Toggle Create Realm Db Structure (NO)
                    Y   - Apply Realm DB updates (NO)
                    L   - Toggle Add RealmList Entry (YES)


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