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Error installing database




MAnages to compile the server.

Started the database installation script.

Press N

After entering Mysql Port, when i press enter (where you should enter the database user name), i immediately get an error and no chance to fll in the DB user password.

What is your MySQL password ?    [], InstallDatabases.sh: line 315: mysql_config_editor: command not found

Os is Debian 8.6

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On 16-1-2017 at 9:13 AM, H0zen said:

For the mysql_config_editor command you have to install libmysqlclient-dev package.

The package is installed but i still keep the same error message, so not installable under the latest Debian.

How i fixed it: i installed the database on my windows machine (no errors running the installdatabase on windows), once installed i transferred it to the linux machine, all is working well.

The thing is i'm installing mangosone now and have the same error again in Debian, Problem is the mangosone windows install also gives errors, i will make a new thread for mangosone on this one.

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