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Looking for info/tools for custom content



Hello there first off let me say thank you to all that have put in many hours into making Mangoszero. outstanding job!!! I have spent many hours surfing the net and forums for information or tools on how to create custom dungeons and items, and in my findings so far I have concluded that I need map cords ( some which I have but have yet to test) and unused ID's for weapons, gear, etc. So my question is this: do anyone know or have  anything that can help me in this area?

I am currently using Rev 21 of Mangoszero on a Win 7 server. Without the custom content everything works just great and I haven't found any issues yet. Any info on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again

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First off, Glad you found us and have enjoyed using the server so far

As for modding the server, there are two distinct routes you can take....

1) Work within the current assets of game without modifying client files

2) Modify the client files to allow additional assets.... ie. custom items etc.

If you wish to pursue route 2, then we are not the people to ask as it's outside the remit of what is legally allowed.

However working within route 1, there is plenty you can achieve.

For example......

* There are several instances which are currently unused, including an outside area !!
* Reuse an existing instance and create a fully customised one.

In addition, many items can have their stats adjusted via the database.

Generally, any bosses need to be scripted using SD3 or Eluna


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