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  1. Thanks i have an idea how to fix this.
  2. Tested today and i t does indeed work like i t should, but if you hit the target you some times remove the stun effect but leave the fear which makes the target run away. Now we need to know: 1 Is this behaviour correct 2 Should the stun effect override the fear effect. (probably not as tooltip say cowering in fear) 3 make the triggered spell a precast which should cause the fear to be broken before the stun effect. If somebody know sources like retail videos this would help
  3. Can´t reproduce anymore, but i rember something on this quest so it seems fixed
  4. Everything is as it should marking this completed
  5. Checked today train plans and blacksmithing works as intended. He is looking towards the fire as he probably should, marking this as complete
  6. Second text is not on the table at the moment beware of cmangos doku its wrong for our DB sometimes. I will test this further but remember it working from other npcs
  7. Fixed this one also. Seems like something has broken a lot of texts, scripted this event some time ago and mulgore was 100% complete and working
  8. Since we are using creature_item template all these pixelthrowers should be a thing of the past. Tested today and its working.
  9. All i tested at least, are there still some missing?
  10. tested today and its working so marking this complete
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