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  1. Attacked by a couple NPCs in Hellfire Peninsula with an alliance death knight. The attacking NPC have a faction ID of 1078 (which doesn't seem to be registered as anything: https://www.wowhead.com/faction=1078/fighting-vanity-pet). Setting the faction ID to stormwind (72) had no effect. Changing the NPC's faction (.npc factionid 1667) to one of the NPCs that's not attacking stopped the aggro.
  2. Some of the defenders of light attacked on the initial wave, but the regenerated defenders are still idle. The scourge continues to attack, but I'm not able to find what they're attacking, nor could my summoned ghouls. I wonder if the timer is what's moving to the next stage. https://github.com/mangos/ScriptDev3/blob/master/scripts/eastern_kingdoms/scarlet_enclave/ebon_hold.cpp#L2716-L2744 Forces of light remaining stays constant at 275 Force of the scourge remaining stays constant at 10000
  3. details the supported flags, however the value in my character's reputation table is higher than any value specified. https://github.com/mangostwo/server/blob/master/src/game/Object/ReputationMgr.h#L33-L43 shows a value up to 128.
  4. Even the critters in the stormwind area auto-aggro my character.
  5. The quest Where Kings Walk (https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Quest:Where_Kings_Walk) cannot be completed by alliance characters. When going into Stormwind guards attack the player and the king is surrounded by half a dozen attacking guards. This appears to only impact the alliance Death Knights. My character shows a friendly standing with: Darnasssus Exodar Gnomeregan Exiles Ironforge Stormwind Here is the character's character_reputation export for the test character:
  6. Defender of the Light <The Argent Dawn> NPC Entry: 29174 (Guid: 153613) Faction 2088 npcFlags: 0 Entry: 29174 DisplayID: 26059 (Native: 26059) Level: 57 health: 83520 Unit Flags: 33536 Dynamic Flags: 0 Faction Template: 2088 I'm also unable to attack the character.
  7. Frostbrood Vanquisher walks in the air still, but the creature will work through the quest.
  8. The list of flags is incomplete. mangos2/server/src/game/Object/ReputationMgr.h seems to list up to 128.
  9. This should be fixed by https://github.com/mangostwo/database/pull/164
  10. The Battle For The Ebon Hold requires slaying Patchwerk, a level 63 gold foil creature (31099) which is a bit much for a single player. There are 4x NPCs named "Knight of the Ebon Blade" (31094) spawned in with weapons ready, however they are non-responsive regardless of Abomination proximity.
  11. A number of the regenerating NPCs generate without equipment and don't attack. The Scourge forces attack some of the Force of the Light troops until Light is defeated. The Scourge troops fail to disengage, looping their attack animation against no apparent target. Maybe targetting Highlord Darion Mograine, who remains a green target to the death knight throughout. The number of troops for the forces of the light and the scourge did not change past 275 and 10000 respectively. Eventually, the Highlord is killed and the lich king cut scene is triggered.
  12. This positional bug recurs when turning in quest [An End To All Things] (12779). Moving away far enough for the podium to disappear and coming back into the area will also spawn lk correctly.
  13. Lich king moves from the Ebon hold to Death's Breach. On initial load of the area the Lich King spawns inside the ramp (instead of "on top of"). Lich king is selectable, but can't talk to him. Logging out and back in to regenerate the area loads the scene correctly.
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