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    Seems to be errors within the pre-compiled version, had a bug with some spells while another member of this community that compiled it himself did not.
  1. "Illumination" talent doesn't need to be crit to be activated, which makes every heal cost no mana. Also heals now proccs "Imp Lay on Hands" talent, which they should not do. (I'm using today's pre-compiled Mangos Zero Win x64 version)
  2. Thanks for your answer, I will see if I can manage, I'm very new to World of Warcraft Servers, been spending most of my time with Tibia Servers, but it provides a healthy challenge and that is always fun. I'll post back here if I get stuck. Might be smart of me to add, but I am using the "Lights Hope" distribution. It states that the distro is based off of Mangos Zero, maybe you guys have more insight in this particular distro, it is Brotalnia's repack.
  3. I made a creature in creature_template and tried to read documentations on UnitFlags, by the documentation NO MOVEMENT = 4, but nothing changes when I add it to UnitFlags, some other flags works though, like NO ROTATION which has 262144. However, different documentations state different functions for the flags, the one where 262144 works the 4 doesn't and the other documentation has no information on flags that includes NO MOVEMENT. (I have tried to add them together aswell, aka 262148 but with no result) I'm quite lost on what to do so I turn to you guys for help. Kind regards, Zeeb.
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