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  1. For the quest: Verog the Dervish (Horde) given by Regthar Deathgate (located west of the Crossroads in the Barrens), Verog does not spawn. After I kill a bunch of Kolkar in The Stagnant Oasis, they yell out: I am slain! Summon Verog. But Verog does not spawn at the command tent (53, 41.6).
  2. This is the issue: Unknown column 'content_loc0' in 'field list' per: REPLACE INTO `mangos_string` (`entry`, `content_default`,`content_loc0`, `content_loc2`, `source_file`,`source_enum_wrapper`,`source_enum_tag`) VALUES (1701, '%s is Dead - cannot apply aura.', '%s is Dead - cannot apply aura.', '%s est mort - l''aura ne peut pas être appliquée.', 'Language.h', 'MangosStrings', 'LANG_COMMAND_AURAGROUP_CANNOT_APPLY_AURA_PLAYER_IS_DEAD'), (1702, 'Aura from spell %u has been applied to %s.', 'Aura from spell %u has been applied to %s.', 'L''aura du spell %u a été appliquée à %s.', 'Language.h', 'MangosStrings', 'LANG_COMMAND_AURAGROUP_AURA_APPLIED'), (1703, 'Cannot remove aura(s) from %s because the player is dead.', 'Cannot remove aura(s) from %s because the player is dead.', 'Impossible de de retirer le/les aura(s) du joueur %s car il est mort.', 'Language.h', 'MangosStrings', 'LANG_COMMAND_AURAGROUP_CANNOT_UNAURA_DEAD_PLAYER'), (1704, 'All auras have been removed from %s.', 'All auras have been removed from %s.', 'Toutes les auras ont été retirées de %s.', 'Language.h', 'MangosStrings', 'LANG_COMMAND_AURAGROUP_ALL_AURA_REMOVED'), (1705, 'Aura from spell %u has been removedfrom %s', 'Aura from spell %u has been removed from %s', 'L''aura du spell %u a été enlevée de %s.', 'Language.h', 'MangosStrings', 'LANG_COMMAND_AURAGROUP_AURA_REMOVED_FOR_SPELL'); Should be content_loc1 as there is no content_loc0 field in the mangos_string table I changed Rel21_22_001_New_Command_auragroup.sql to content_loc1 and it works fine
  3. Hello, I attempted to update my dbZero and I get: ===== Status ===== ===== DB is on Version: ===== * UPDATE FAILED * DB_Cleanup_Pt6 when I run: mysql -u root -p -h192.168.1.20 zero_world < Rel21_22_001_New_Command_auragroup.sql The server ( is Debian 10 x86_64 with MySQL 5.7.31. This setup worked fine yesterday and I updated my core today and it was required to be on Rel21_22_001_New_Command_auragroup The MySQL logs do not show an error, I only have the response that it failed and its on DB_Cleanup_pt6 Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Very nice, Thanks again for the help I'm going a full level 1-70 playthrough and I'll report any other bugs in new posts.
  5. I found a way to get them both working. Heres what I did: 1. I rode the working tram to Iron Forge (the farthest one) 2. Once I made it to Iron Forge, the second tram (which would be the closest one in Stormwind) appeared and I rode it back to Stormwind. 3. Once I made it back to Stormwind, I waited and confirmed that both work now. That appears to have primed whatever logic controls them.
  6. I spoke too soon I found that in the Stormwind Deeprun Tram, only the farthest tram appears and works. The closes to the entrance does not appear at all. Very strange.
  7. @antz I updated the core and database. I can confirm gameobjects are present in the system (I checked mailboxes, treasure chests, and milly's grapes). Thank you for all that you do:)
  8. The deep run trams are also missing on MangosOne. I am now on Master (server commit: bb0c091) Edit: I walked through the tram from Stormwind to Ironforge just to make sure
  9. I am on the current master branch of MangosOne (server commit 94859bd and database commit 8f41391). I am using Debian 10 x86_64 with MariaDB 10.3.22. I found that some items in the world are missing, such as mailboxes and treasure chests. An example of this is the mailbox in Goldshire or the treasure chests in Echo Ridge next to Northshire Abbey. I will note any other world items missing as I find them, unless of course its a fix that would correct all of them. Thank you for your help
  10. I am on the current master branch of MangosOne (commit 94859bd) and database (commit ac9dcf7). In the human starting area (Northshire Abbey), the baskets of grapes do not appear for the Milly's Harvest quest after I accept the quest from Milly to retrieve them from the fields occupied by the Defias Brotherhood. I have already extracted a fresh setup of resources to rule out that as the issue. I am on Debian 10 x86_64 with MariaDB 10.3.22. I have been using the getmangos.sh script for installing. I wanted to add that this issue (for mangostwo) also occurs on mangosone, in case its related to this issue?
  11. I wanted to add that this also appears to be an issue on mangosone. I tried multiple times to resolve this on Debian 10. I tried both MariaDB 10.3 and MySQL 5.7 (separate VM's) and also regenerating my data files a few times. I wanted to add to this post before I submitted another bug: Milly's Harvest (quest) appears to be broken and her grapes do not appear in the vineyard in the human starting zone (Northshire Abbey). Could that be a symptom of this? Thank you!
  12. Hmmmm there doesn't appear to be a way to directly cancel your account. I would suggest emailing the admin(s) at [email protected] for help.
  13. Actually I figured it out on my own. I just needed to apply: z1807_xxxxx_01_mangos_spell_proc_event.sql and z1809_xxxxx_01_mangos_spell_affect.sql. Issue resolved
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